How Lovely is the Rain

Celebrate the rain. We live here and part of the fun of it, is the rain. The rain washes the dust off trees and cars, it keep everything superbly green. Yet rain is not creating muddy areas, since its been raining here for thousands of years. Nature absorbs the rain and channels it in gentle streams, and captures it in lakes on Orcas Island. There’s not much doubt, without the rain we’d have little to celebrate in the Winter months.

When I was a young boy in grammar school, I’d often look outside when it was raining and enjoy the toasty classroom. Staring at the drop of water on the window panes I’d notice they act like little lenses, reflecting a wide view, each a bit different, each quite unique and beautiful.

I’ve never forgotten that feeling about the rain, and the pleasure it brings. The earth is renewed. We’re lucky too, the rain here, is mostly Pacific Ocean water, rarified and then sprinkled on us. We rarely get thunderstorms or violent rains. Nature seems to have rewarded a gentle human spirit with a gentle response. Nature reminds us of our humility, and our responsibility to act as a healthy part of nature.

Its in pictures and time spent wandering in the rain, camping in the rain, and watching the rain from a cozy place, I’ve come to love the rain even more than ever. And there are ways to share that feeling through photographs.

See 35 Beautiful Examples of Rain Photography here on Smashing Magazine.

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