Wake Up App iTunes iPhone app gets approved

The Coffee Party Movement USA is a grassroots formed in January 2010 as an alternative to the Tea Party and has grown into an increasingly diverse organization. The Coffee Party USA officially identifies itself as a 501(c)(4) social benefit organization. The organization’s mission states that it is based on the underlying principle that the government is “not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges we face as Americans.” Its slogan is “Wake Up and Stand Up.”[7] Its stated goals include getting cooperation in government and removing corporate influence from politics. The organization’s first National Coffee Party Day was held on March 13, 2010.

Coffee Party USA Movement facebook fan base is over 400,000 as of this writing and growing rapidly. The Coffee Party’s web site http://coffeepartyUSA.com contains information about the Coffee Party Movement including how to organize for democracy. Annabel Park and Eric Byler post on the Facebook and CoffeepartyUSA.com blogs on crucial topics that encourage civic discussions in politics and about the economy. The recent Congressional debacle on raising the debt ceiling has arguably produced instability in markets creating broker revenues. Stock brokers may have benefited. Individual stock holders and other with long term views of the stability of the United States Economy have expressed deep concerns about the so called economic terrorism of the Congress. Republican House Speaker Boehner has disappeared from the news media over the past 2 weeks since the the debit ceiling deal was approved.

Congress’ rating was as the NY Times reported, at an all time historic low. Issues surrounding tax breaks for billionaires, and Bernie Sanders D-Vermont stated have crystalized the Congress’ inability to describe a path to preserving the democracy. Back room meetings, opaque discussions by the Congress have further eroded the public’s confidence in the ability of the Congress to produce any legislation that helps the jobless recovery produce benefits to the middle class and Seniors.

Recently the Coffee Party blog is alive with post and articles that make it easy for Americans looking to re-energize their Government and democracy. Shane Brooks is headed to DC in October to tell Congress, “Enough is Enough” – reads on recent blog post.

Grab a copy of the Aspenworks’ iTunes app for democracy iOS iphone and iPad and plug in to the hottest, rational, civil organization of like-minded Americans working to assure we all succeed. Our families, parents and children deserve the best we can provide. America is great, and getting better. Democracy was invented here, and will succeed.

Aspenworks app for those wishing to connect with the Coffee Party more easily debuted just last week on Android. Now its available on itunes as well.

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