Orcas Island TV Presents “Salish-ious” Foods: Salish Sea Salt

Its not often I get excited about a new locally made product. Today’s different. The San Juan Islands enjoy a sense of community that is unique. As a group of islands – local promoters like to call it an archipelago – the ancient term for a group of islands – San Juan County has about 15,000 residents. Its a small land-area, crowded with second homes and tourist serving businesses. Among those who, in one way or another serve the major source of revenue for the Islands – tourism are a handful of artists, craft people, farmers, ranchers, fruit growers, timber growers, and I’ve learned today – a Salt maker.

Salt making is one of the oldest arts around. In India, Ghandi led a walk to the sea to make salt defying an English law which forbade the making of salt, many decades ago. But here, its not defiance that produces this new substance, but rather a simple, small business.

The ad in San Juan Islands Buy Sell Trade reads:

For sale SJI: Salish Sea Salt! Great stocking stuffer! I have made sea salt from the waters of the San Juans. The seawater was harvested at Cattle Point on an incoming tide then evaporated in my greenhouse. 3.5 ounce jar for $10

About 1,500 San Juan Islanders belong to a local buy sell trade group on Facebook, where scores of postings can go up each day, offering swaps, services, new and old products. Everything from tools to expiring ferry tickets, the local buy sell trade group works a little community magic – driven by good nature and the desire to build community commerce. Its read by many simply because it reminds us of how a small town works together to reduce off-island consumption, share items we no longer use or need, and build relationships among those who otherwise might not see or connect with one another.

Salish Sea Salt looks interesting. I have yet to try it.

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