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This is a great way to learn about the San Juan Islands visually, through the Eyes of Islanders.

The San Juan Islands are a magical place.
The San Juan Islands are a magical place. This book is a compilation of the best images made by the people who live here. It is a unique book, the first of its kind in the Islands.

Open this book and you’ll see the most beautiful images as judged by a internationally famous panel of photographers. You and your friends will enjoy this book of Islander images from the air, on the water, at home , at events and in the forests of these nature-blessed Islands for many years to come.

Printed on archival quality papers, with the best precision and technology available today, its a book that you’ll want to hand to the next generation.

It is with deep sense of pride I’ve had the privilege of assembling this beautiful archive of Islanders’ creative work.

To my friends in Aspen, Colorado: David Hiser, Andrea Wallace and George Stranahan, the book would not have been completed without your help. Thank you.

– Alex Huppenthal

An amazing view of the San Juan Islands. The winners of the Islanders’ Photo Contest are Natasha Lefler-Ryder, Rod Magner, Bob Phalan and Martin Taylor. Judges for this book production included David Hiser, a professional National Geographic photographer, Andrea Wallace, Director of the Photography section of Anderson Ranch and gonzo photographer George Stranahan.

This 40 page treasure of Islander images puts the best photography from the San Juan Islands, as made by San Juan Islanders. I’m so thrilled by the quality and commitment Islanders made to this project.

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This Photo Book is dedicated to all Islanders. Sustaining a community is a most joyful human endeavor.

The San Juan Islands lie in the middle of the Salish Sea, a body of blue-green water stretches from deep in British Columbia through the Puget Sound, surrounded by a snowcapped peaks of the Olympic, Cascade and Canadian coastal ranges. This group of evergreen crowned Islands lie where nature has bestowed a special gift of ancient trees, beautiful Madrona and rocky beaches.

Bison roamed these peaceful, charming islands thousands of years ago. These Islands, thought to be the tops of ancient mountains of a submerging continent, older than the mainland, welcome you to a green paradise, far removed from the bustle of city life. Some say it may be Atlantis disappearing under the cool blue-green sea.

Often just walking on the ferry, heading to the bow as the engines begin to turn, wind in your face, you feel more relaxed, more at peace. It isn’t too long, watching the green lush Islands on either side of the ship, that you arrive. Some of the richest people on the Islands can be those without a dollar in the bank.

The Islands have always had a surreal quality. Once you arrive you sense everything is a bit easier here. Many have arrived over recent years to find a place to call home. Enjoy this 2011 Edition of the “Through the Eyes of Islanders”.

Islander’s share their talents, vision and creative photography in over one hundred beautiful images.

With much gratitude to the thoughtful and professional Judges who gave of their time to select the best images from the many Islanders represented.

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