Campy Action, Knockout Spokesperson

Apple knocks it out of the park on a regular basis. The iPhone 5 is no exception. With more power than a 2007 desktop computer and faster broadband potential than most Islanders home connections, its the stellar hand-held, pocket computer that approaches super-computing capability.

The graphics technology in iPhone 5 is nothing short of mind boggling. Three individual processing units in this one phone make 3D animation, games and photography incredible and fun.

But Apple doesn’t stop at making great, ground breaking hardware in a sexy case with an industry leading color touch display, thinner than any other, but also provides software to make use of this little super computer and inspire software developers to make more!

I took a break from working software for a mass transit project yesterday to try out my iPhone’s capabilities and in 45 minutes put this series together. I added our Smart Guide screen test model Anna to the end, uploaded it to the ‘cloud’ and wrote this article for your entertainment.

what do you think? an Ad a month is possible, and that’s could be the right way to launch a new product like the Smart Guide. What does Anna say? Its something about how good our Smart Guide is, but you know I think she got the message across.

iPhone Production of Smart Guide Clips

could it be that easy?

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