Election Over, Fiscal Cliff Sold as Top Issue

Yes, the GOP Congress continues to complain that the uber-wealthy in the country aren’t going to get paid by the public if the public doesn’t stop borrowing from the uber-wealthy for military weapons and social programs. Its pretty clear we don’t need any more weapons and the public is tired of trading tax breaks for billionaires for good social stability programs. No amount of new weaponry is going to stabilize an economy of the super-haves and the super-have-nots. Incentives for the average worker don’t exist. Dis-incentives, such as ‘die or work’, aren’t encouraging and don’t produce a system of motivating economic disparity.

Which issue is your top priority?

  • Banning GMO bearing foods in America
  • Labeling GMO bearing foods in America
  • Reducing the incentives to de-stablizing American’s economy through short term capital gains tax increases and long term decreases
  • Finding somewhere safe to store 300 million pounds of highly radioactive nuclear waste, currently scattered around America at nuclear power plants – nearly a pound of nuclear waste for every man, woman and child in America.
  • Encouraging Energy efficiencies
  • Broadband Parity with top Countries
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