OrcasIslandTV Endorses President Obama

This is the last thing I’m writing about the election. I agree with the Salt Lake Tribute, President Obama should be re-elected. He has is a *seasoned* Commander and Chief to our military. I trust he’ll make the right decisions should any threat to Americans develop.

He has Presided over the largest recovery since the Great Depression.

In 2007, several friends were all on the same page. We needed canned goods. We needed to defend ourselves. Banks were going to close. We needed silver coins. It wasn’t precisely panic, but even KPCB’s John Dorr was talking about
what to do with your *money*, as the meltdown began and accelerated. Profits were being made from manipulating Bear Sterns stock – it being ‘naked-sold-short’, and it looked like many more investment banks would succumb to stock manipulation while stock manipulators looked on and made millions, with no conscience about cheating the system.

I was looking for a house in Oregon and found *everything* was nearly double just a few years before. I checked jobs and incomes. They hadn’t doubled. This was the tip off something was really wrong. It was 2006.

I traveled for Microsoft across the planet and nearly everywhere in 2007, the talk was of the Sub-prime crisis. Banks were giving away dollars below prime rates for questionable investments. When I came back to America,
there were *no* stories about it. That was really scary. Someone in 2007, didn’t want the facts out. (because a panic would take place, once folks were told the truth)

When the global market collapsed, Mr. Obama was running for President. I watched this person, full of hope and vision for our nation, stand up and say he could take the reigns and change things for the better.

I believed him and I continue to believe him. He has brought the world, not just the country from the brink of chaos. My money in the bank wasn’t stolen by Wall Street, or corrupt bank practices, or just a bank failure.

Banking did not collapse. A number of us watched the Baltic Dry Index drop to zero. That meant no global shipping. Trade had stopped. period. stopped. never happened in the history of global trade. Ports were jammed with goods no one was buying. 2007-8 were terrible years.

It was a time when the ruthless among us profited. 50 more billionaires were created between 2008 and 2011, during the worst times for many Americans and very trying times for many.

Many people at the top cruised through the tough times, taking whatever avenues profited them. Some took the tougher road.

That tougher road was a commitment to their local communities, to their families to their friends. They found consolation among friends. They found work among friends.

They traded for goods and services. They rebuilt their confidence by looking one another in the eye and exchanging goods and services, with trust.

That economy has come back to a large degree, and its because we have a more just, not perfect, Wall Street. We have a more just, certainly not perfect telecommunications and Internet infrastructure. We have a recovering transportation system.

We have a health care system on the mend. We have that because we have a dedicated leader who saw fit to direct 700 billion dollars into *infrastructure*, jobs and help to State’s, while others said 700 billion must go to bail out the financial junkies who could not stop themselves from gambling with the world’s commonwealth.

It took more than 700 billion to solve the 2000-2007 economic mis-deeds.

But eventually the crazy banking world was moved off their misguided insurance, investment, banking merry-go-round. Yes, it may take even more to tune the new consolidated Insurance, Banking, Investment world so there’s a balance. But at least there are no such things as naked-short-sells, the gutless tool that tipped the economy over.

The persons who fixed some of Walls Streets billionaire and millionaire excesses are squarely in the American camp. President Obama guides the action there.

The consolidation of Energy, Finance, Telecommunications have slowed economic progress. While they all remain entirely privatized, we’ve lost ground to China over the last 12 years on renewable energy. We’ve lost ground on the Internet – from #1 in 2000 to number 17 back in 2007, and private Internet monopolies have done little to move us back to number 1.

With little competition, these giant interests work against America, to preserve themselves. They don’t compete with themselves or others and we need that. A GOP President, like Romney would not encourage competition.

President Obama is opening up competition, encouraging free enterprise, American ingenuity, innovation and trust among ourselves.

President Obama demonstrates that willingness to engage in productive dialog and cultural understanding and along with Hilary Clinton, has done an inspirational job in bringing the world away from chaos, mis-trust and threats, toward a more just, global understanding and sharing.

America government research invented the Internet. Universities and researchers developed it. And in 1993 turned it over from the National Science Foundation to private interests. It was quite the gift, and thousands made millions and continue to. This Blog/Facebook is operating on the technology ARPA, the National Science Foundation, ARIN and others defined in an open process. American’s share the Internet with the world, in a free, open way.

We shared that globally. Access to global information, invention, research, learning, much of it originating in America, is an amazing gift of the American commonwealth.

Its a source of economic activity that makes the Internet and social networks that use it, sustainable as well.

Who knows where cures for disease will come from. Perhaps a gal working on a computer in the Philippines, or Thailand, or South America or the Middle East. We’re globally connected and we can *see* each other and our loves, compassion, our families our desire for peace.

I’m sure that would not have been possible if we continued down the path of 2007, toward a planetary economic meltdown. Toward greater isolationism, and less peace. It is an amazing turn around from 2007. And today we
certainly do things better together.

I’m glad we have a strong, intelligent, seasoned leader as President. I heartily endorse President Obama.

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