San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade has a Store

San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade started a few years ago, with a Facebook site and a handful of friends sharing, selling, buying from one another. Islanders help to quickly create a neighborly feeling. As we’re all Islanders in San Juan County. The group has been growing at about 100 new Islanders each month. We’re expanding constantly.

The general feeling is, we’re able to exchange goods, services, find lost pets, alert one another of important info using the site. Some have found lost items too. The official link to San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade is still on facebook today..

But, San Juan Island Buy, Sell, Trade has a new site, not hosted on Facebook. The new site offers selected items such as 60s Music and vintage books from that era, cherished by some Islanders. In addition it offers an Emergency kit for Islanders that has items that would be useful in a local emergency. Islanders have been cut off from the mainland after Ferry service was interrupted, and while that was some time ago, emergency items are reassuring to some Islanders.

Today, San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade offers Professional Photographers, as well as serious amateurs a way to get their hands on the latest camera gear, and test it out. Borrow Lenses offers the service via Fed-X to the borrower.

The items at the on-line camera rental store appear to be top of the line, latest equipment.

And a small fraction of everything at the San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade Off-Island store remains in the Islands, as a part of the service.

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