San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade invites Businesses

San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade has become the community bulletin board, message exchange, lost pet and general interconnect among islanders in San Juan County. At recent count, over 7,000 postings remain in that membership group. Each member of the group must apply to enter the group and post. All postings are visible to anyone with a facebook account – according to Facebook, some 600 million active accounts. Of an estimated 6,000 adult full-time islanders, 2,500 are members of San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade.

In the San Juan Islands, we’re surrounded by water! 🙂 well that’s no news, since we Islands. Islanders know how to move easily between islands and now they have a way and often a good reason to visit an Island neighbor. They found something they want in San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade. The boost in economic activity offered by San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade demonstrates itself daily. Desire to belong to the group is high and the queue to enter the group is usually quite long. The group is a not-for-profit, all volunteer army, often of 1 and 30 minutes or so per day of volunteer time goes into this group, enough to check on a few applications, scan for illegal, spam or other content and move on to the six other main social groups in the Islands.

So I’m quite excited about the San Juan Islander’s Club. The Islanders Club is the membership that sponsors many of the Social Network groups and pages that help Islanders find what they are looking for, using the best Internet services out there. Today, some of that is Facebook and WordPress blogs. New services are developed on Smartphone platforms, where 600 million users are today. That number continues to skyrocket as computers have become hand-held and powerful.

Today’s iPhone 5, has as much horsepower as the most powerful desktop Apple computer of 2007. and that power curve is likely to continue as HTC and Samsung work hard to match Apple’s products with many millions of small handheld computers – today, still called Smart Phones, when the phone part is nearly unused! Texting has become the dominate way for many to exchange information and ask questions, just as handhelds have become more popular than land-line telephones. Check out the Club’s Text messaging map – courtesy of Bing.

As the world moves along so do San Juan Islanders, with their own iPhone application – the Smart Guide to the San Juan Islands. Its an evolution of the San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade concept to grow the local economy naturally. As Rocky Mountain Institute puts it, that is natural capitalism. A good and healthy way to raise the overall economy. Beyond that, it turns out healthy = more profitable for our local farmers. The Islanders Club, over 2 years ago, launched an awareness campaign about GMO foods. They hurt farmers and who knows what they do to people. Check out the info online in GMO-Free San Juan Islands.

Working together local businesses are tell me they recognize the difference between Islanders and Tourists. We need the tourist trade, but we also understand costs have skyrocketed for Islanders locally, and incomes have not kept pace.

The new San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade official site – really Islanders United, has a standard Blog, but includes an e-commerce platform that gives Islander entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products via the store, as well as buy their memberships, find great items through the Amazon Gateway – ( a small commission goes to support the local platform ), and a place where local iPhone apps, local Made in the San Juan Islands products can be found.

What a great way to build a local community in a lightweight, locally focused way. I highly recommend it, and if your business isn’t involved sign up. There are several levels, from 1 year to lifetime. All those businesses that donated to San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade projects are members already! Use your membership privileges.

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