San Juan Islands Emergency Readiness Network

Facebook is home to several thousand Islanders. The largest membership group today is the San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade group. But its not just Buy, Selling and Trading. Often items are posted for *free*, or to share. In an abundance economy, sharing just makes good sense. San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade offers Islanders free postings and group benefits. Business owners in the Islands support the San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade group, by becoming members over at .

Recently, a 7.7 earthquake occurred off the coast of British Columbia and that led to a tsunami warning being issued in the Pacific Northwest area. A warning went up in Hawaii as well. The wave that developed did not match predictions and no damage from the tsunami wave was reported.

This reminds Islanders that it is crucial to be prepared. A 9 magnitude earthquake is due on along the Pacific Coast and could swamp low-lying areas of the Islands.

An great way to prepare is to check out the All Alert radio from Oregon Scientific. Here’s a link, in case you need it.
Islanders’ Amazon Emergency Store

A facebook group was created by Alex Huppenthal to encourage islanders to discuss and share emergency preparedness plans, and information. Islanders Emergency Readiness Network

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