Red Rabbit Farm: Orcas Island’s Christina


Christina’s New Cookbook! A Must Read

Christina is an icon of Orcas Island. She’s flavored the Island for visitors and locals alike. Christina has established Orcas Island as a culinary destination, at her namesake restaurant and now at Red Rabbit Farms.

It’s not often I say I’m impressed by a chef. When I am, I want everyone to know. Christina is more than a chef. Her restaurant: “Christina’s” on Orcas Island brought me to the Island on several occasions and I have to say, one of my more memorable visits centered around a dinner at Christina’s. Only someone truely passionate about food quality and preparation could create these kinds of masterpieces and I’m so glad she’s still on Orcas Island sharing her talents with those who can find her.

I had the pleasure of meeting Christina and Bruce Orchid today at the Orcas Island Farmers Market! They’ve committed to bringing locally sourced and personally prepared preserves to visitors and locals at the market. Imagine being able to chat directly with them right here at the Farmers Market. I was thrilled.

I first noticed a display of locally made jams, jellies and preserves and spent a few moments tasting them. After a few minutes I realized that this was our famous local food magician. She agreed to talk a little about her recent adventures. Before long we were talking about the sources of these locally grown and prepared delights as well as Island Treasures! One of my favorite preserves she shared with me today comes from a fruit tree orchard that has heirloom apples. Check out Red Rabbit Farm. Listen in on Orcas Island TV’s Interview with Christina at the link..

Interview with Christina on oitv

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