Orcas Beauty: Music and Grace McCune

2763_513598332011553_899118141_n-1Orcas Island is beautiful in so many ways. Beyond the turquoise blue seas, deep forests and fresh water lakes Orcas island’s human treasure include a wonderful artist, Grace McCune.

Attending one of Grace’s performances is something every Islander should plan to do. You’ll leave uplifted and smiling, the natural result of being in this talented artist’s presence.

I had the opportunity to interview Grace recently. Enjoy!

Hi Grace, thanks for making time to share a bit about yourself here.

Q: How long have you been in love with music?
A: I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t in love with music. Some of my earliest memories are sitting at my mother’s piano playing those beautiful keys. I never once doubted I could play it- its like meeting someone new that you somehow feel like you’ve known your whole life.

Q: What are your major influences? Who do you listen to?
A: I so easily get wrapped up in my own little music bubble. As a song writer- I gather inspiration from my environment. It may be the intensity of a sunset or the simplicity of a kind smile. I am often compared to one of my favorite artists Tori Amos (and a great honor that is indeed!)- though if I actually conceptualized trying to play like her- I’d never get behind a piano.

Q: Can you relate a particular story about an event or performance that is memorable to you?
A: The journey I have had in this life as a performer has taken me to some amazing places and put me in some-we’ll say- interesting situations. I think it has sculpted who I am and has humbled me in a myriad of beautiful ways. Performing can sometimes feel like you are standing in front of a crowd in your skivvies and at other times the most ecstatically supportive environment one can imagine. The most recent example was at my CD release concert for “From the Direct Box of the Soul” on Orcas Island at the Rosario Mansion music room. Accompanied by amazing musicians- Martin Lund, Carolyn Cruso and Joel Gamble- myself and about 150 Orcas Islanders created an evening of unparalleled connection. Sometimes it takes a little music and a lot of love to remember what’s important in life. That to me is the alchemy of live performance.
Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: hobby: an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.
hmm….I guess that means for me just about everything I do- except maybe the dishes.

Q: Where can people learn more about your music and listen to you perform?
A: My website www.gracemccune.com is a good resource to listen to my music and find out where I will be performing next.

Listen to Grace at her website.
(pick up her entire album.)

Enjoy a sample of this amazingly beautiful artist’s creative talent here.

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