Lisa Byers for San Juan County Council

Muriel, Lisa, Laurie, Emma

Muriel, Lisa, Laurie, Emma

This years election in San Juan County Washington brings a new face to politics – Lisa Byers. Lisa is a long time resident of Orcas Island. As the San Juan County charter has changed from 6 to 3 Council members, salaries have increased and with that I hope, less stress on the Council members to fulfill their responsibilities, and perhaps even introduce their own ideas into San Juan County Governance.

While its true that Real Estate / Land Use and Tourism are the major economic forces affecting quality of life in the Islands, a singular concern about those issues is not in the long term interests of preserving the community that is so dear to many. Too often because of the isolation, the beauty, the kindness and willingness to trust one another, a community can be ransacked and turned into a unattractive caricature of itself. The values that join a community, our many civil organizations, volunteer groups, hiking and nature appreciation groups, our consideration for the beauty of the landscape, clean water, respectful access to nature and its amazing positive effect make the San Juan Islands a historically incredible place to live and raise families.

In the past few decades a deepening disparity between the wealthy and the general wage earner has evolved. Commonwealth activities, ordinarily supported by the vast majority of Islanders now is a challenge as real wages fall and cost of living skyrockets.

Its because of the long standing commitment to the community, Lisa is being endorsed by Orcas Island TV. Among all the candidates she stands out as an individual able to examine issues that affect others, understand their complexity and move toward practical solutions quickly.

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