Be Amazing Because You Are Beautiful

I stumbled across this story set to stills and music. Its a great way to deliver a message of kindness, openness and beauty. You’ve noticed talking with someone that after a few minutes they become more and more beautiful? They pause, they listen, they are tickled by your response. They see you. You see them. Maybe it was a another life. Maybe it is the only life. For that moment is everything and you realize there’s nothing more important or less important than that split second. It is everything and it is nothing because it fleeting. But the memory of it is not.

Some spend their life searching to reproduce that microsecond or to explain it. The moment is what some of the most beautiful and some of the most difficult writing and art is about. Artists are sometimes tragically connected to that microsecond believing as they do that it will never occur again. Yet, undeniably, upon another glance, a glimmer and shine and smile, in a glance, its there and it always will be. And undeniably, it is precisely the same and perhaps because it isn’t entirely ‘new’ if feels different. The difference is really that uniqueness that we can embrace.

Because we see that glimmer through our own hearts view. We capture that moment in communications with each other, as a giggling exhale, a warm rush of realization that you are a part of everything and everyone and there’s a connection already. Going faster? Its already a 10 to the infinity power speed. Do we need faster? Not really. We just need to look and there it is.

Gratefully, I’m surrounded by souls that have a bit of sparkle, that 8-10 year old ‘beginners mind’, like my own. And those connections, civil, as serious as we can be in a world full of humor, beautiful are the fashion that makes us feel awesome, when we wear it. How will we share that more? How can we share that tomorrow? I’m just working on today for now.. I see you. xoxos’

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