San Juan Islands: Access is a Broadband Right?

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 5.06.43 PMIs Internet access a right? Is a Broadband Right even a human right? Do we live fundamentally better lives by communicating? Switzerland, Finland think so. Google offers 1 megabit free service. What will our local Broadband organization offer? If we to set an example, draw positive attention and promote the concept of egalitarian and positive access for *all* islanders, irrespective of their ability to pay, then we shall do the same as these highly social countries do.

Anything short of that puts us in the same category as incumbant Internet Service Providers. And *no* it is not a charity, just like many people’s contributions are not a charity. They are delivering a component of our social fabric that must be better integrated in our economy. I refuse to support any project that claims “for those unable to pay, a charity will be setup”. Communications access is a basic right, in my opinion and in Switzerland, Norway’s, the United Nations and other civil organizations statements.

“Finland makes 1Mb broadband access a legal right
Previously, Finland said that it would make a 100Mb broadband connection a legal right by the end of 2015. The latest move, which will start in July, is an intermediate step. Read this article by Don Reisinger on CNET.”

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