Opalco Educates County Council on Opalco Broadband Opportunity

KirkJohnson_San_Juan_Isarithmic_Map_FinalCutOPALCO Broadband plans to become a retail Internet Service Provider and recently announced it will be educating the membership about their decision. Additionally, OPALCO has indicated this education process may take several months, but they are pressing on with spending money on the project in any case. It seems that a good number of OPALCO electricity users will need to signup before OPALCO’s Board will sign off on the entire 38 to 80 million dollar project, depending on which figures you consider accurate. Opalco’s influence with the County changed wireless tower rules so that scores of wireless towers could be built on the largest three islands of San Juan County.

You can listen to the public presentation at the Orcas Firestation here: Audio Recording

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