OPALCO Broadband Preliminary Wireless Tower Map

886436_10151469985763426_1652292404_oOPALCO recently published a map showing where they are placing cellular towers around the islands. These cellular antenna arrays could be the size of a electric ‘telephone pole’ – possibly much taller.

OPALCO notes… “Map shows preliminary coverage (purple) estimates based on initial radio study and measured at 12Mbps. Field testing is underway to test assumptions with actual equipment. Areas outside of the coverage area (green), were measured at less than 12Mbps and technical solutions are under study.” Will OPALCO broadband win the hearts and minds of those not on the Fiber network with microwave wireless?
Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 5.25.42 PM
Discussion about the latest map?
– Are all the dots new Cellular Broadband Towers Opalco intends to build? How many are going to be new?

– the map caption says ‘shows preliminary coverage… initial radio study and measured at 12Mps’ – was anything actually measured for this map, or was it generated by a computer simulation?

– Please share your questions in the comments area.

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