Air Travel in San Juan Islands

Air Travel in San Juan Islands couldn’t be more beautiful. In the 1990s I traveled to Portland on business and found myself interested in exploring the area. The Hillsboro airport offered a perfect launch for trips over the Puget Sound. From a magnificent view of Mt. St. Helens to the turquoise blue green of the Puget sound, dotted with islands, covered with massive Douglas Fir trees, the great Pacific Northwest can truly inspire any visitor. Today, I’d hiked around Moran State Park on Orcas Island and waited for the right part of the magic hour – that hour in which the world transitions between day and night. The sun is so far north at this time of year, it doesn’t fall on this area. Soon, it will swing south, a bit more each day and sunshine will warm this part of Mt. Constitution.

Spring flying in the San Juan Islands is filled with thrills and views.

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