75 Million Dollars in San Juan County

Islander members of San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade control 75 million dollars of economic activity each year. I’m a social impact investor and love putting a dual bottom line together. One that has both a sustainable financial engine and a positive social impact.. 3,180 other Islanders are participating as well.

Today’s Islander Survey asks respondents to share the experiences SJI BST offers that impact their lives. I released the Survey to 4,000+ Islanders in community membership group we can learn how to grow the value of the on-line services we design for communities. SJI BST was based on a concept developed by Rocky Mountain Institute’s called Natural Capitalism. Developing local ideas based on Natural Capitalism helps communities improve economically without depending on growth. Planning for economic development without growth is a somewhat new idea. By retaining capital in the local community and providing the means for it to circulate rapidly, the general wellbeing of the community can be improved.

SJI BST was designed in 2009 just as the impact of the global economic collapse slowed Tourism and Housing speculation, the two major areas of economic activity in the San Juan Islands. By developing tools to Localize the Economy we are building a stronger community. This is assuring resiliency in any future economic downturn. Improving economic efficiency by re-employing local tools, goods, and other resources that are idle, reduces waste and increases community productivity.

See the animated feature here that explains more about Natural Capitalism and check out our local Islanders Club web site for more tools to build a stronger community.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.13.47 AM One of the key features of SJI BST, is its mutual benefit. Members represent 70 million dollars of economic activity in potential local economic spending.

SJI BST was inspired by a healthy small community growth concept called Natural Capitalism, stimulating local economic activity to build a stronger community.

Any Islander can join the San Juan Islands Buy, Sell, Trade group – for free, because Islanders Club members Sponsor that. Islanders Club is working hard to balance its budget and make it a part of a long-term sustainable local economy. It offers value through vetting applications for membership in the groups, designing new groups that align with community economic efficiency and organic, sustainable quality of life improvements by lowering the barriers to local economic activity.

The Islanders Club is a not for profit business that continues to exemplify one of a new breed of businesses – a Mutual Benefit Business, that in fact also is a Public Benefit business.

I encourage all readers to become members of the Islanders Club. A great experiment in expanding local communities economic activity, reducing off-island economic leakage and raising standards in local economic activity.


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