Cocolatte to Develop Social Networking Platform

In an interview with serial entrepreneur Alex Huppenthal, we asked about the rumored development of a social network platform to augment Facebook groups that offer community centric economic acuity support.

The design for the Cocolatte platform will give users an opportunity to design their own network services. These new network services are applications that create communities of individuals that have like-minded purpose in localized economic development.

The major components defined so far include a simple signup process that produced a social connection with their existing Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. Users then can join whichever community networks they’d enjoy by reviewing descriptions of the community and its guidelines for us. Administrators will be able to add new communities and define the membership rules based on region, other memberships, quizzes, and achievements.

By producing an conforming group, CocoLatte’s systems will bring a new level of productivity and interaction among members, its thought.

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