Orcas Island Homecoming

Its been a few months since I left Orcas Island. The dusty road has been home traveling through the southwest, eventually getting to my paternal home.. Colorado. Re-igniting old friendships, enjoying new ones in Colorado made the travel intense and satisfying. The energy among my peers and friends in startup businesses refreshed a part of me that hadn’t been engaged in several years. I built close connections through trial-by-fire that startups are. As the lead organizer for Startup Weekend in Aspen, I basked in the glow of many fires.

In the end I hoped I’d impressed one special person. When the wagon I’ve pushed up the mountain reached the top, I don’t know how I let it go.. Will that the wagon continue then careen down the other side? Will it crash into a thousand bits? Letting go is the way for my spirit to connect with what I have. In the deep blue-green eyes of the goddess in Nature that is the sea surrounding the maternal home, I find constant love. In the timeless whispering breeze among the conifers I hear a kind voice welcoming me. (updated video)


A young gull gliding effortlessly on the currents that slip skyward on the bow of ship I witness harmony, design, elegance Nature creates and re-creates every season. In the cold, soft, breeze, a conversation turns to laughter and images of soaking in Doe Bay’s hot tubs and sauna. I inhale the sweet cool sea air. If my arms were the size of this Island, I’d wrap them around. I’d hold this island and sea and nature as any Nature’s son would. Adoringly, respectfully, reverently, thankfully.

There’s something deeply magical about Nature in this group of Islands centered in the north Puget Sound just a few miles south of the Canadian border. The trees grow more slowly here. They grow a little taller and straighter. They become stronger flexing in the occasional heavy winds. Still flexible. Maybe even tougher..

I’m happy laying on a blanket of thick moss that’s grown over Island granite. Staring up into space. Nature’s breath is a cool soft sea breeze scent with forest. Her cheek is natural, soft and cool. Relaxing into that layer of Nature. I ask her to put her arms around me and let me bury my face in her. My rough hands in the thick cool moss glistening with the constant light rain which brings life to the rock. My heart beats a little slower, deeper, truer.

Offering my soul to Nature. Trusting she’ll decide if I’m to go on, or fall ever farther into her embrace. No longer needing to assert any intent. I am then of Nature, by me, around me, holding that for the moment… and drifting off.. likely I’ll be standing in the morning, nature having as always, offered her mystery in an inexplicable, loving, tender way that affirms the world. till the morning, then.

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