Apple’s iOS7 iPhone Beta Software

UPDATE: Beta 3 is here..

More stable, nearly ready for my ordinary day use phone. Rumors of a Beta 3 drop in less than 2 weeks, seem logical considering iOS6’s beta schedule. Drop by for more news.

Apple just release iPhone iOS7-Beta to developers. I immediately installed it. While its entirely pre-release and I appreciate Apple sharing this first look with me. You can see more on the details about Apple’s iOS7, screen shots and essential info at

My first impressions of Apple’s iOS7 beta blew my hair back. The color scheme is attractive, the consistency is amazing. Throughout the Apple apps and UI, a clean, consistent, beautiful, easy to navigate interface tickled me. It was easy for me to transfer my email and imessage accounts and within a few minutes I was checking incoming emails, really loving the white space and crisp, easy to read font choices. Email, even for beta was fast and predictable. The occasional long wait for email on previous versions was gone. Flat works, and Apple’s using the new clean interface to boost its easy of use.

It feels faster. Reading email is very consistent and moving in and out of email is a one-handed operation that quickly becomes second nature, a hallmark of Apple’s outstanding UI design expertise. For a beta the UI is amazingly polished.

I tend to launch a number of apps and continue to enjoy running lots at once. Performance felt better with many apps loaded up. The new App-dismiss method, double clicking the home button still brings up the icons but floating above them is a miniature image of exactly what the app is showing. A quick flick of the finger and the app is ‘tossed up’ shutting it down. Beautiful and easy.

I noticed the swipe up Control area which organizes many of what I most frequently use functions for the iPhone. Screen brightness, airplane mode, flashlight, do not disturb, are all there.

There’s much much more to enjoy. My iPhone 4s feels like a brand new phone and encouraged me to drop by the AT&T Store today and plan my upgrade to iPhone 5. Thanks Apple. Another big move forward.

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