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Welcome to Orcas Island Community TV!
At Orcas Island TV, our goal is to bring the San Juan Islands community together by sharing the best video, film and audio of events, entertainment and scenics. The San Juan Islands region has so much to offer, you’ll want to plan several visits.

Orcas Island TV is located in proximity to Mt. Constitution, the tallest site in the San Juan Islands region giving us the opportunity to expand to terrestrial broadcasting as soon as practical.

Our contributors come from the entire San Juan Islands region and we support economic activity among the entire area.

Background on Orcas Island – the largest of all the San Juan Islands. The name “Orcas” is a shortened form of Horcasitas, the Viceroy of Mexico who sent an exploration expedition to the Pacific Northwest in 1791.  In 1847 Henry Kellett assigned the name Orcas to Orcas Island. Kellett eliminated the patriotically American names that Charles Wilkes had given to many features in the Islands area. Wilkes had named Orcas Island “Hull Island”. East Sound was called “Ironsides Inlet” and “Guerrier Bay” was West Sound.

With a land area of only 57.3 square miles and a population of about 5,000, Orcas Island is a bit larger than San Juan Island.

Orcas Island is accessible by Air via Eastsound Airport, water landings by seaplane as well as the Washington State Ferry system, or private boats.

Mount Constitution (elv. 2409 ft) is the highest point in the San Juan Islands. It is part of Moran State Park, which encompasses over 5,000 acres.

San Francisco to Paris, Doe Bay to West Sound, anywhere Islanders go, Orcas Island TV is there, over the net. Stay in tune with your community!

Get involved, make a donation, sponsor your community access Orcas Island TV, serving the San Juan Islands area.

Orcas Island TV covers events here at home so you are likely to see a smiling face you recognize! We’ll keep a light on for you.

This week’s feature:  Island Food Production.. In your future? Is it a good idea? You can take the survey and be part of the answer here.

feel inspired? get involved. Make direct donation and sponsor a show, or share your ideas news@orcasisland.tv

Orcas Island TV had a unique opportunity to talk with CBS 48 Hours Mystery about their investigation of Colton Harris-Moore. We spoke with CBS Producer Paul LaRosa, on location where he kindly agreed to discuss Colton Harris-Moore’s presences on the Island, the break ins, vandalism. Orcas Island’s residents expressed mixed opinions about Colton Harris-Moore. CBS 48 Hours Mystery story will be aired this November 12, 2010, and we’re told it will feature local interviews and locations..
We’ve healed as a community from the invasion that was the Colton Harris-Moore epoch.

We are a community, always working to make things better..

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