o published one of the first iPhone apps from the San Juan Islands

o produced SJI, Buy Sell Trade, Entrepreneurs, OI Food Coop working group

o commercial multi-engine instrument pilot

o rocky mountain adventure photographer

o Started the first Apple computer store in Wisconsin long long time ago.. 🙂

o Designed systems to improve manufacturing quality, using microcomputers, the C programming language and Unix in 1978.

o Completed Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate School courses in business management

o Managed three software engineering groups producing communications systems and info 411 systems in the US and England.

o registered my domain on Internet 1989, created email and news services

o set strategic direction for Internet Tools development company and developed the business around it

o founded three Internet companies, producing fixed location and mobile Internet access, in Florida, and locations in Colorado.

o designed a break through DSL modem from concept to mass production in 1995.

o helped Microsoft describe a 50 billion dollar Global mobile broadband Market, traveling to 20 countries.

o produced short media for CBS and Microsoft.

Contributed time to improve San Juan Islands economy after the 2007 meltdown by designing and helping to popularize social network groups.

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