November 4, 2010

o published one of the first iPhone apps from the San Juan Islands

o produced SJI, Buy Sell Trade, Entrepreneurs, OI Food Coop working group

o commercial multi-engine instrument pilot

o rocky mountain adventure photographer

o Started the first Apple computer store in Wisconsin long long time ago.. 🙂

o Designed systems to improve manufacturing quality, using microcomputers, the C programming language and Unix in 1978.

o Completed Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate School courses in business management

o Managed three software engineering groups producing communications systems and info 411 systems in the US and England.

o registered my domain on Internet 1989, created email and news services

o set strategic direction for Internet Tools development company and developed the business around it

o founded three Internet companies, producing fixed location and mobile Internet access, in Florida, and locations in Colorado.

o designed a break through DSL modem from concept to mass production in 1995.

o helped Microsoft describe a 50 billion dollar Global mobile broadband Market, traveling to 20 countries.

o produced short media for CBS and Microsoft.

o volunteer creating Orcas Island TV

Professional enjoyments
Commercial, multiengine, instrument rated pilot
Media production and celebrations
Technology, Market and Regulatory research
Business development
Wisconsin TV on personal computers
Aspen Grassroots Tv on evolution of the Internet
Designed and developed First low cost DSL modem, first DSL broadband company in Colorado, first wireless rural broadband company, first sucessful long haul 14 mile wireless broadband link. First profitable wireless ISP. First ISP on First Municipal Broadband fiber network, self sustaining. Traveled 23 countries researching the emerging mobile broadband markets for GSMA and Microsoft. Designed, created then used, first 911 call network from very rural Maroon Bells Wilderness ever.

Enjoying being close to those I love, continuing to tinker and create new ventures.

Aspenworks is business that serves as the consulting umbrella business for many other ventures. When I’m not off in another company, I’m back home at Aspenworks where new ideas incubate.

Aspenworks is a premiere project management and communications consulting business. Having built 5 successful Internet service providers, and operated 3 for over 5 years with positive cash flow, I understand how Internet services need to be planned and delivered.

I helped launch the dialup Internet for thousands of users 1996-8, produced DSL broadband revolution in 1998-9, extended wireless to cover a large part of Central Colorado in 2000-2003 and consulted to Microsoft on Broadband mobility in 2006-2008.

Today I’m working on a number of projects that address rural community sustainable economic improvement, using mobile applications and social networks. One group has grown to 3,100 members and I’ve designed two Apple iPhone/iPad mobile apps to boost economic activity. In my rural economic development project, I’ve placed more than a dozen WiFi Mesh nodes in a small town and use them to determine the value of high speed broadband to local economic activity.

I’m helping localize economic activities to build stronger rural communities by assuring rural residents and visitors have access to local resources they never did before. This ‘plugs the leaky economic bucket’ and brings new dollar flows to the local community.

“In 1988 when I registered my first domain name, I was one of a few dozen “Network Managers” on the Internet. I happened to be working on Advanced Intelligent networks for Sprint, AT&T and others. I offered email and provided these services from my office which was uplinked to AT&T and Sun Microsystems from my server. Internet services would replace much of the advanced services Bellcore and AT&T expected in the Advanced SS7 networks which were their future. Soon enough a small server in 1988, using Xenix and UUCP, turned into a focused services company. Clients such as Glenwood Springs’ ground breaking Community Broadband Network, to Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group, to the USDA and US Forest Service. I’ve been lucky – in the right place at the right time, and continue to enjoy building long term relationships with other visionary leaders in these dynamic times.”

I founded Aspenworks was founded in 2000 as the umbrella company for my projects. By providing market and technical guidance to key decision makers in corporate and government roles, Aspenworks helps organizations achieve their understanding of technology, market and regulatory forces that affect their business opportunities. Focusing on rural telcom in 1996, Aspenworks founder independently developed a high performance DSL modem ahead of the industry. By launching several ISPs, and monitoring their market and technical business issues, Aspenworks quickly developed business models which prove continuously successful. Rural Telcommunications in Central Colorado’s beautiful Roaring Fork Valley provides challanges from a diverse mountainous environment, to regulatory and market forces which shaped the successful model Aspenworks recommends to its clients.

From Aspen to Glenwood Springs, Aspenworks applies the experience gained over years in engineering for large telecommunications giants, such as British Telecom, AT&T to counsel its clients in the appropriate, practical solutions.

Recently Aspenworks completed a global project management effort for Microsoft Corporation, managing a key project in Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group. By providing key risk management and group leadership within this project, which included support organizations for O2/Telephonica in Ireland, Vodaphone in Germany, SMART in the Philippines and companies in Thailand and Malyasia, we’ve given and gained additional experience in how the emerging Mobile Broadband communications networks of LTE, HSDPA and others are actually being deployed and used.

Recently I worked with the USDA, US Forest Service to extend rural communications to critical areas where no services are available. Using Mobile Broadband technologies, voice, video and data connections are being established to key locations throughout their district.

I’m continuing to support the efforts of rural transportation through an advanced web-based schedule access system designed to allow mobile transit riders more comfort in planning to use and using central colorado’s premier mass transit system.

Beyond my passion to advance the local economies of rural locations, I enjoy understanding the implications of technology breakthroughs, regulatory changes and market demands that shape sustainable business opportunities for individuals, corporations and civic organizations. Aspenworks sponsors various not-for-profit organizations, including the Islanders Club, a social network development and support organization in the San Juan Islands.

Contact Aspenworks at 425 296 7718 for more information or to schedule time for consulation.

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