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Orcas Island History: Orcas Island Airport

I’ve just learned that have developed a historical perspective on the Orcas Island Airport. John Caldbick, published this article under creative commons license which allows any reproduction, so long as both the author and the organization are named. February…

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San Juan County Gigabit Fiber to the Home: Open Letter to Opalco Board

Dear Opalco Board Members, Privatizing the Opalco membership owned Fiber Optic Network is not recommended. Privatization will lead to narrow choices, higher prices and poor performance due to capital service requirements. Opalco’s Board should take the following steps. Establish a…

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AT&T Offering Free 1,000 Rollover Minutes

Just text Yes to 11113020. Apparently the day the Verizon iPhone went on sale, AT&T is saying well, voice minutes are not scarce like spectrum is.. So in light of the free extra minutes we move AT&T’s rating from D-…

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